ASA 118 Docking Endorsement
Prerequisites: None  
Length: 2 days
Price: 30,000THB/person

Prerequisites: None        Length: 2 days

Price: 30,000THB/person

This course is designed to teach docking in high wind situations. It covers the basic theory and hands-on techniques needed to dock and undock boats in an efficient manner and without damage or injury.

After reviewing study materials earlier, students will spend an entire day on the boat practicing what they learn.

One will study: Forces that Act on the Boat, Engine & Rudder Control, Securing Mooring Lines, Spring Lines, Safety,

Crew Responsibilities

Tuition includes Textbook, classroom materials, ASA logbook, ASA 101 Certification, 100-question sailing knowledge test, ASA student registration and EVN fees, plus a 1-year membership to ASA. 

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